Feuilles Volantes shelves

Feuilles Volantes shelves

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Wall shelves

The three woods are worked in sharpness, smoothly thinned down to the minimum.
The surfaces with freehand drawn outlines, are also reduced to become delicate pedestals which make up a levitating landscape.
Made in rare massive woods, they are small precious areas just like the objects that they are going to welcome.

Hand-made on demand
Delivery time maximum 10 weeks

30 numbered and marked copies
  • Details

    Materials: Ebony from Gabon, olive wood, walnut, wall mounting piece in lacquered steel.

    Ebony: L 30 cm x D 11,5 cm x H 1,1 cm
    Olive wood: L 20 cm x D 10,5 cm x H 1,1 cm
    Walnut: L 15 cm x D 13,5 cm x H 1,1 cm

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